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“Consulting” Is an exclusive and professional tailor-made guide, with specific and direct information to you as a car investor. It applies for all aspects of the investment spectrum, whether it is in classic or upcoming classic and collectors cars. This exclusive guide on investing in cars, is constructed to provide the best statistical and professional analysis of the market for you as an investor.

Since my interest in cars began more than 20 years ago, i have build up some serious knowledge about the market and all the specific tendencies in the current car market. I believe that i can personally help you get started on investing in cars, or expand your portifolio. If you want to look at some of my previous work, you can look at my portifolio of articles under “Portifolio”. I have written about a various of interesting cars that already know have proven to be a good investment. Im continuing to develop my current portifolio to cover a broader and even more diversified perspective on my consulting work.

If you are already a collector, and want to expand to a new level, i can also help you. There has been put a lot of hours into research on both the market and the statistical aspect to figure out where to make money on cars. From the data i have collected and written my self, i have already now seen a positive return from the eyes of my clients.

When we are talking about investing in cars, we are looking at much higher returns than on any other Investment you can possibly think of. The general market have seen higher returns than that of fine wine, watches, regular stocks (long-term) and art. This is why it is so interesting to look at cars as an investment. I love to give my professional advice on a good investment when i see one, and providing this directly to my clients, for them to benefit from it. The key factors of a great investment requires a lot of attention to detail and market insight. This is why my interest and knowledge have brought me so far already.

If you want me to help you can either sign up for the newsletter down below, or on the landing page of this site “Home”. Then you will get notified whenever i have new and exquisite knowledge about the market to share. You can also write me a personal letter, using the contact formula which you will find under “Contact” in the top menu.

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