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Welcome to one of the worlds most interesting and unique car & investment consultancies. A consultancy specializing in rare and unique cars, all with great investment potential. Covering everything from classic to modern super cars. We dig deeper than anyone else, to find all the right reasons on why to purchase and invest in the most magical thing on earth “Cars”. No one draws a more detailed and exact picture of cars & investing, than we do here at 

Whether you are interested in cars or just the investment, we make sure you are a the right place at the right time. We always strive to bring the leading consultation on the greatest investment cars through our dedicated and passionate portfolio, which is always supported by the latest statistical documentation. We are closely connected to some of the most renowned dealerships in all branches of the world. We make sure you can enjoy it all, in the entirety of the process from start to finish. Head over to the “Portfolio” page, and study our extended material in cars.

10 year development of different investments

To instantiate the potential of investing in cars, a direct comparison has been placed above. Based on the tendencies in the market, collector cars have clearly proved interesting as one of the most profitable investing objects in recent times. The detailed graph is also a direct comparison to other well-known sources of investments. Cars have only been surpassed by Rare-whiskey as the only physical investment objective to do so.

If you are interested in getting started on investing in cars, and want further professional advice on your next investment, then head over to "Consulting" or "Contact" page to read more and get in touch with us. We will then take a look at your situation and provide our professional perspective on what you should do, based on your requirements and interest. We will then guide you through it using our insights and knowledge in the market. 

Personal biography

My name is Lars Madsen, I am 26 years old and educated in general economics at University of Southern in Denmark.  I am a dedicated consultant with a life long passion for cars and investing.

My love and passion for cars has generated many great experiences and memories. Memories stretching from the most rusty and worn out cars, all the way to super and hypercars. These experiences and memories have certainly provided me with knowledge on how a car works, and what is so special about them. I have previously worked at both Ferrari and Audi dealerships in Denmark. These magnificent jobs, gave me the opportunity to get up close with my biggest dreams.  

The interest for investing came along with the developing involvement in cars. The desire for making a business suddenly became of significant relevance as more and more focus pointed in that direction.

The purpose of this webpage is to give new and already established clients a direct and professional guidance on investing in cars. The conducted research is useful for everybody, no matter whether you are a dedicated car guy or just getting started on investing. You can read more on some of the previous research, in the current articles posted in “Portifolio”, which can be found In the top menu.

Feel free to contact me, if you have any questions in regards to cars & investing.

Lars Madsen
Owner of

Recent additions to the portfolio


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