Dutton Garage – A tribute to the finest.

Dutton Garage is one of most exclusive classic and modern car dealerships the world has ever seen. Located in the Heart of Melbourne in Australia. Accompanied by a New Zealand department with international connections to all around the world meaning they have some of the most special cars for sale you can dream of. Some of them, so special they are almost sold before they even being delivered to the fantastic showroom. Dutton Garage was established in 1911 and has specialized in rare and exotic cars ever since.

The specialists!

If you want the right guys to find the car of your dreams, this dealership is the perfect candidate for the job. You can just take a look at their astonishing inventory, stretching from classic cars like the 1985 Porsche 930 TURBO and the 1970 Mercedes-Benz 280 SL Roadster, to more modern delicacies like the 2015 Rolls-Royce Wraith and my favorite car over them all.

The Ferrari La Ferrari. It’s simply magnificent to have one of those in the inventory. I would never get anything done if I had a work desk next to it. So don’t hire me before you’ve sold it otherwise nothing will be done except looking at it all the time. It really stands out in the best possible way. Just look at it!

(Ferrari La Ferrari pictured with its aggressive yet stunning look.)

With such a fine inventory of classic and modern exotics displayed at one of the most iconic showrooms in the world, there is no doubt that everything is done with the highest level of professionalism. The knowledge of the salesman, mechanic and everyone involved, is on a whole other level. Maybe they have superpowers or should I say super-passion? Because it really looks and feels like that. Dutton Garage suits the perfect environment for rare exotic cars. The shop has a very classy vintage look that really lights up both the classic as well as modern cars they have in inventory.

One very special car caught my eye…

One of the cars that really caught my attention from Dutton Garage great inventory besides the Ferrari La Ferrari, is the “Sold” Ferrari F50. That is the car I grew up idolizing and dreaming about when I was just a little kid. A blast from the past that in my eyes is one of the all-time great Ferraris. You might think that I am just a tiny bit of a Ferrari fan boy. You are totally right! But it’s easy to become when you see that one of your first dream cars in the best of conditions has been at display at Dutton Garage. For a simple car guy like me, that is what brings joy to my passion for cars and especially the rare and exotic ones.

(The Ferrari F50 about to go for a spin at night).

Seeing all the small details which is cared so much for makes it way more special. I’m so happy for the new Owner of this car! I know he is in for one of the experiences of his entire life. Purchasing a masterpiece of a classic Ferrari, from one of the best car dealerships in the world of special cars. I wish I could be the one to drive away in that Ferrari F50. I guess I’m not quite there yet. I drive a Ford Fiesta 1,0 Ecoboost with an insane 125 brake horsepower.

Wait? Maybe Dutton Garage will switch right over with the La Ferrari they have for sale at the moment? Or will that be giving away the ford for a less cool, slower and slightly more comfortable Ferrari La Ferrari. I truly think so. I’m sorry Dutton Garage but I can’t trade my Ford in for The La Ferrari at the moment.

(The Ferrari F50 in stunning surroundings).

Full of rare and exotic cars!

The Ferrari F50 is really a stunning car. Another car or cars if you want, that captured my attention right away is the mighty Australian build Holden GTS R. While you’re reading this, I’m sitting in Denmark and haven’t even seen one before in my life. Holden is so special and limited over here that it would be more common to meet somebody who have seen been to space and back. It’s such a cool car! It would really turn people’s heads in Denmark if you drove one of these around here.

(The mighty Holden GTS R with the classic VW in the background).

I wrote a previous article about the V8 power house of a car the Holden GTS really is. It’s cool, crazy and everything in between. Wonderful car! The previous model was a collaboration between the now extinguished car brand of Pontiac and Holden. I have explained why this car is so great and special to drive that it might end up becoming a very good investment in the future.

Just a little overwhelmed? Yes, Yes!

There are so many beautiful cars to pick from and if I should mention all of them, this article would turn into an novel. So if you want to cry tears of joy and excitement you should visit Dutton Garage website and check out their cars. It’s heaven for every car enthusiast out there. There are cars like Porsche 356, First generation Nissan Skyline, 1959 Corvette C1, Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing and even a couple of exotic Ferrari models including the F40, F50, Enzo and Ferrari La Ferrari and other super rare cars. Here are some of the great cars pictured outside Dutton garage.

(Couple of Porsches parked outside Dutton Garage with the Carrera GT in front).

What about the future?

What does the future have in store for Dutton Garage? With all the great cars from all eras and the professional knowledge about the market, the future looks very bright indeed! The cars that Dutton Garage specializes in does not only bring joy and excitement to the table. There might be a deeper meaning to the specially selected cars they have and get into the shop. They are rare and often collectors cars. This means that it has potential to go and become a very great investment if you follow their guidelines for driving and taking care of your unique car.

The passion for these cars is what bring value to them and as I said before and going to say again this is such a joy to watch. The level of details that goes into the process of preserving the great condition of these cars is astonishing! Dutton Garage deserves a tribute for their wonderful job every day and to keep these cars going on the road. Not only Australia but everywhere in the world, due to their knowledge and huge passion for cars!

(The super rare Mercedes CLK GTR Roadster – 1 of 6).

If all this talk about rare and upcoming super exotic cars have got you hooked, and you want to learn more about Dutton Garage you can visit their very professional website with this link:


Here you can seek more information and learn more about the stunning and fantastic cars Dutton garage have in the their inventory. 


Lars Madsen, Author.

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