VW and more specific GTI, a thing that rings a bell in most people’s heads. This is an article I really have looked forward to write! This is one of the cars I grew up with being, a car everybody could afford which was still classy and sporty. It is arguably the best Golf GTI model, since the first MK1 debuted back in 1975. The VW GOLF MK5 GTI debuted on Frankfurt motor show in 2003. It got a giant lift in the design as well as driving experience. “MK” stands for mark and help showing which generation the car belongs to. The golf MK3 and MK4 where both a bit sloppy, with an angular design and not really engaging to drive. They simply didn’t feel like a proper GTI. This was the launch of the golf MK5 about to change completely. Even for today’s standards the golf MK5 still drives and feels sporty. It is close to be the perfect compromise. Pictures of the GTI MK5 is shown below:

The VW Golf has always been iconic and VW has just released the all new 8th generation. This says a lot about the importance and value of this specific model. The Golf MK5 GTI is no exception. With a 2,0 Inline 4 cylinder engine producing 200 horsepower and a total weight of just 1372 kg, it quickly starts to make sense why this car is so fun and great to drive. With a top speed of 235km/h and a 0-100km/h done in just 7,2 seconds, it does it all. For a car from 2003 it is still respectable to this day. The first versions came with a manual and later on they added the DSG gearbox. The ones that gives the best driving experience, has to be the one with the manual gearbox. The Golf GTI may look very similar to the normal golfs but the red line around the grill and the GTI logo makes it stand out. But where It really stands out from the normal ones, is when you look on the inside of the car. It has the very characteristic gear lever, shaped like golf ball to accompany the name of the model Golf. Then it has the checkered seats dating back, to the original MK1 GTI and this is what makes it really classy.


This attention to detail really brings some style and passion to the car, but with a more modern touch. Even in 2020 and the launch of the all new VW MK8 GTI, it is still there along with the red stitching and other characteristics. It comes in various different colours stretching from a dark blue to silver and black, as well as the red one featured in this article. The GOLF MK5 GTI is simply a stunning drivers car and really a masterpieces from the engineers at VW. I still goes down to be one of the best ever GTI’s. So for the rating of the car I want to give it the following stars.


I cannot give it more than 4 stars even though I think it is right around there. The five stars have to go with the original one, the GOLF MK1 GTI. It is like the birth of this whole era of small super funny and enjoyable cars, the GOLF MK1 GTI was really the masterpiece above them all. So four stars is well deserved for the GOLF MK5 GTI, and my only advice is go and try one! You will fall in love with one. Trust me. Just look at it!


If we are going to look at the investment perspective I think it will go and become a collectors object. This will not happen in the nearest future but I think we will slowly start to see a positive  curve on this front soon. The reason why I don’t think it is properly there yet is due to the fact that a lot are still running and there are still many of the out there. There is a lot for sale at the moment and on mobile.de you can a couple of them. Go take a look! They start from around 3000€ for the cheapest ones, and all the way to 17000€ for the most expensive ones. See more in the link below:

https://suchen.mobile.de/MK5 GTI

I will give it the following rating on short term but I think it will increase rapidly over time. But this is how it looks for now:

But as time goes more and more will fade away, and the remaining will start to become very interesting. If you’re looking for one right now, go look for the manual ones. The DSG ones are also quiet funny but there has been some problems with the gearbox and is said to be quiet expensive to fix. The manual also gives a more lively driving experience which let alone in the future will be sought after for just that. If your owning one already, then stick to it, enjoy it and drive it! It is a wonderful car.


Lars Madsen, Author.

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