Ford Mustang Bullitt-edition

Bullitt? There is no mustang called that you might think. But wait a minute. If you are a true car lover you know there is a movie called Bullitt from 1968. What does a mustang have in common with this movie? It features in the movie as the pursing car in a hectic an very hectic and cool car chase through the city of San Francisco. This is where this quiet special mustang got Its name from. It was originally a 1968 for mustang fastback with black rims, in an iconic British racing green color driven by the more iconic Steve McQueen. For those of you who have seen the movie you are not in doubt of what I’m talking about here. Here is a picture of the original car, that featured in the movie:

The original car has gone at auction for $3,74 million dollars. That is quiet a sum even for a Ford Mustang. This brings me to what this article is really going focus on. The brand new relaunched model of the Bullitt mustang. This should be seen as a tribute to the iconic classic mustang from the movie and to make sure the legacy lives on for another half a century hopefully.

The New 2019 Bullitt

The new Bullitt model launched in 2019 and is produced for everybody to purchase it. It has the same characteristic as the 1968 Bullitt with green color and black wheels, manual gear in a special Bullitt edition so you are never in doubt when driving it. The 2019 Bullitt is powered by a 5,0L V8 with a 6 speed manual gearbox. It is almost like nothing has been changed to the car since it was first seen back in 1968. But when you get behind the wheel you can really feel the difference. Here is a picture to give you an indication on the difference from the previous model and what 50 years make of a difference or rather how little of a difference it makes.

There is quite a bunch of 2019 model for sale at the moment on From an investment perspective I don’t think this is a bad thing. The car is still relatively new and therefore more models will be put out on the market. This makes the market more price competitive which gives you an even better deal. The prices starts with the cheapest ones from around 48.000€ and then It goes all the way up to 70.000€ for the most specced one. Mustang Bullitt Edition 2019

If we are going to look further into the investment perspective on the 2019 Bullitt I think it could go on to be an exciting long term investment that is both funny to drive, exciting to look at. Classical and nostalgic with its design and still affordable enough for you to take it for a spin more often than some of the more expensive investment projects you might have in the garage or thinking about getting. Of course the value will decrease by using it a lot but with the market for mustangs, the prices on the spare parts and the amount of them floating around, it shouldn’t be a problem at all to get them for a good price if something goes wrong.

If I should rate the investment from 1 – 5 stars I think I will give it the following rating:

Due to the amount of mustangs that are on the streets at the moment I think it pulls towards that it is not the best investment. Also the fact that it is a niche group that it appeals too makes it harder for it go up the value as the old one I think. But I could be wrong and I really hope I’m wrong because it is the small things like green color manual gear and the attention to detail that makes it exciting and hopefully on the long term, special and a possible good investment for fans of the mustang and also the movie and want to let the legacy lives forever.

Lars Madsen, Author.

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