Who am I?

My name is Lars Madsen, I am 25 years old and just a simple guy with a big passion for cars, automotives and pretty much anything on 4 wheels. I loved cars for almost as long as i can remember and therefore cars Is naturally, a big part of my everyday life.

My love and passion for cars has brought me so many great experiences and memories with all sorts of cars. From the most rusty and worn out cars and all the way to super and hypercars. These experiences and memories have certainly given me a brighter knowledge on how cars works and what Is so special about them. I have previously worked at both a Ferrari and Audi dealerships, that gave me the opportunity to get up close with my wildest dreams and even drive them.

As you might have discovered I have placed a couple of pictures for you to see who I am and get a feeling for me, as the person that run this magazine.

The purpose of this magazine Is to share great articles about cars and everything In between. Articles that Is useful for everybody, whether you are a dedicated car guy or just getting started. You can read all the current articles ever posted in the “Magazine” part, which can be found In the top menu.