Drawing cars – What happens when passion turns into art?

Architecture comes In many exciting variations, and this right here Is probably taking the spot as one of the coolest, and most creative art forms I have ever seen. What kind of variation are we talking about Lars? The title may spoil It, but It Is none other than drawing cars. I believe there Is no better way to celebrate cars than by drawing them. It gives all cars a stunning appearance which they deserve and it will most certainly take your breath away as well. Simply a true celebration to the thing we love the most. Cars!

Who does these cool things then? Draws_on_wheels. A dedicated car guy with not only a passion for cars but also for the art of drawing, and he does it damn well. This Is undeniably what drives him to make some of the very best car drawings I have ever seen. If he had a shop with physical drawings, I would have emptied the whole shop singlehandedly faster than a group of professional thief’s could have done It. They are simply that great, all of them actually! And they are only getting better. If this got you just a little interested on what Draws_on_wheels has to offer, then check out his Instagram.

(Newest Instagram post from Draws_on_wheels – Nissan skyline GTR R34).

5 questions for Drawsonwheels

No matter what you do when you start a new project or work, then there will always be a passion or a love for something behind It. In both Draws_on_wheels and my case It has been the love for cars that have been the kick starter to both of our projects. Draws_on_wheels project Is drawing cars and mine Is to write and share stories from my own life with cars and everything In between. To dig deeper into the world of drawing cars and what It encompasses, I managed to ask him 5 questions of interest. I have been asking car related questions I thought you would like to hear from a fellow car guy, with his cylinders deep planted into the engine of the car, as you could say.

  1. How did the idea for Drawsonwheels start and how long have you been drawing?


“Basically it all started 9 months ago, on March 14, 2019. I’ve always quite enjoyed drawing random stuff on my phone from people, cities and many other things, but I always kept it to myself as a personal gallery, until I had the idea of putting together two things that I liked a lot, drawing and cars. I started drawing an Abarth 124 Spider from @falcao_cars, but when I started I didn’t even have my page created! I only created it when I saw that the drawing was even going well and then I asked permission from @falcao_cars to publish that photo. At the beginning of the page the name was @supercars_drawings. I’ve always had a lot of support from the whole community of car spotters and art lovers. More recently I changed the name of the page @draws_on_wheels and continue to make drawings, reaching 4 days ago to 500 followers!”

(Draws_on_wheels Is really growing rapidly, and It Is Interesting to see!) 

  1. Have you always been passionate about cars?


“Yes, cars have always been a great passion of mine, even before I had the page, I loved going to exhibitions and car museums! Whenever I found a good car on the street, I would take the phone out of my pocket to take a picture as soon as possible!”

  1. What Is your best draw so far and why?


“That question is difficult, if you asked me the worst I knew how to answer, but if I could choose the best one were going to be or the Golf GTI, or the Jaguar F-Type and or even the Lexus. An experience I also can say that I did like it a lot was to create and design my own car, it was amazing after so many years to see an attempt to design a car work!”

(Jaguar F-type R drawing with highest level of attention to details).

  1. Do you have a dream car you want to own and draw?


“When we talk about dream cars, I think all car lovers have more than one and it turns out to be a bit difficult to choose. If I had to choose one to have and draw it would be either a Ferrari F40 or a McLaren 720S.”

  1. What would be your best advice on how to get started with drawing?


“My main advice Is always to be nice and get along with the car spotters community, if we get along and talk well with them, we will have all the support we need from them. More specifically about drawings, you may want to choose a more practical application, that changes from person to person. And always give the best, never give up! If you are getting started and need some help you can send me a message on instagram or through my email that I will always be available to help!”

(Lamborghini Huracan fitted with what looks to be special Rotiform performance rims).

Fantastic answers!

Reading all these great answers makes me very happy, and It warms every mechanical part of my heart! We started around the same time around a year ago with our projects. It Is amazing what can be achieved In just one year. I look very much forward to the times ahead as well. The fact that we both love cars also before each of our projects explains a lot I think. If I should choose the best picture from your great Instagram page from all the great drawings I think I have to go with the Jaguar as well. Simply because of the color scheme and sharp attention to details. I think there are so many great drawings of cool cars, and I tried to include as much as possible on this site. As I usually do, I had to limit myself otherwise It would turn out to be a collage.

To see and experience the love and passion for cars through all the dedicated work Draws_on_wheels have done so far I think we have a long and great journey ahead of us with some very good drawings yet to be drawn.  So stay tuned and make sure to follow his great project! I truly believe we have a great future ahead of us. Not only car people but everyone. Exploring and extending the passion of cars through one of the greatest and most creative methods I have just explored, which the drawing of various of different exciting cars genuinely Is.

(BMW I8 with open doors. Surprisingly hard to tell whether this Is a drawing or not).

A challenge for the professionals?

If not only drawing stunning cars was enough, then Draws_on_wheels Is also challenging us to guess cars from all over the world on his challenge called “Guess the draw”. To make it even more interesting and In the spirit of his profile It Is by all means a drawing. The attention to details are stunning on not only the drawings posted on Drawsonwheels Instagram, but also on the Instagram story drawings In itself.

(Check out all of the challenges so far right here, Guess the draw).

Everybody Is welcome to join the challenge on Instagram, and the more the better! So If you are a true car enthusiast and good at guessing cars this Is a challenge worth of taking. If you think It Is easy you are about to be proven otherwise. Already now a lot of dedicated car spotters and enthusiasts are battling it out on Draws_on_wheels Instagram. So If It sounds interesting, join and see If you are better than the other guys, It could potentially be you that runs with the title.

More stories to come?

Engaging with the community of fellow car enthusiasts Is always a pleasure of dimensions. I want to keep writing stories with and about this great community of car guys. Together we could take our great passion for cars to a new level and create some serious and highly exciting content for all the readers and car guys out there. Even though I want to help the community grow and engage as much as possible, I think It Is also time to look back on the articles about cars and investments. These articles laid the foundation for this project in the first place and I love to write and tell people about this part of the car culture as well. My passion for Investment in cars and the culture of investment, Is clearly the fuel to the engine of this project of writing articles and hopefully will be for many years to come.


Lars Madsen, Author.


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