Car spotting – More than just a picture!

What do you do when you can’t quite afford a supercar just yet? You take a lot of pictures of one of course. Either to remind yourself on how much you love cars, or maybe because you simply can’t stop thinking about them. Pictures is one of the best ways to get close to the your wildest car dreams. There is a lot of ways to use a camera. Some use it just for the fun, too simply capture the moment. Some uses It to tell and show friends and family what they saw at that exact spot they were at. Other does it from a more progressive point of view. A dedication to the work of getting the sickest and most vivid pictures of a car. It unites all car guys!

(An example of a great car spot, picture by falcao_cars).

The universe of car spotting

Car spotting is a remarkable universe when you let the limitations go away, of what is technically possible. This is when some of the world’s best car pictures are taken. There is a big culture and lifestyle behind, all this hard work these dedicated car enthusiasts put into it. You could even go as far to say It Is a religion. But that might be to exaggerate, just a tiny bit. This culture is also known as car spotting. What is car spotting you might think? There is no clear definition to the term other than it pretty much explains itself. You spot cars and then take great pictures of it. You become better and better and start sharing the love and passion for cars with the rest of the community. Pretty much like I do through writing about cars.

Are you a car spotter yourself Lars? You bet I am. I have my very own car spotting page called “Carspotting_Scandinavia” along with two great friends.


We take pictures of cars all around Denmark, but mostly Copenhagen and Odense since that is where we are located. It’s funny enough also the reason for the name of the Instagram account. It has to be said I’m not the best photographer out there. Some of the other guys featured in this article are way better! To Illustrate what kind of pictures a car spotter takes then look below. This particular picture is so much more than the car. It’s the setting and all the small details, that makes it one of my favorite spots so far!

(One of my all-time favorite car spots!).

The beginning of a journey

Since I’m not the richest nor the best salesman the world has ever seen, I thought I could start sharing some of the pictures I took. With the rest of the world of course… Thank you for that Instagram! It was a great way to spend time on cars, and engage in the wonderful community it has innate. I quickly found out that I was not the only guy with the idea of taking pictures of supercars etc. Many other and much better people shared their work as well. After a while I sadly ran out of motivation. The others have beaten me to the finish line… Just kidding!

I started at University and there was a lot of work to do. So the time was limited, but my love and passion for cars remained the same. I later on started this blog/magazine, about cars and I got the motivation and time to start working on this little project again.

I want to give a little tribute to 3 guys that have played an Important part in my car journey so far. All of them have one thing in common, they are dedicated car guys and great photographers!


The first one Is Cl.supercars. A great guy that always makes a huge effort whenever he posts or reaches out to fellow car spotters on Instagram. He has always been supporting Carspotting_Scandinavia, almost since the very beginning. Either by liking, commenting or sharing  content. Thanks for that! A little fun fact is that we are both Danes! Maybe that explains the collaboration? No matter what it is nice with fellow Danes that also loves cars. We are not that many. Cl.supercars captures a lot of great pictures and this is personally on of his best spots so far I think!

(A great picture shot by the Danish king of car spotting, Cl.supercars. Ferrari F12 Berlinetta).

Even though we are both Danes, we are located in two different cities. I’m currently to be found in Odense and Cl.Supercars is in Copenhagen. Odense actually has some very nice cars to spot, and there are some of the biggest car collections in the country located around Odense. But when it comes to outright car spotting, Copenhagen is just a little bit more extravagant… If you want to get a good glimpse of the Supercars in Copenhagen go and check out Cl.Supercars Instagram ( I bet you will be amazed! Just like I do every time I see his content.


Falcao_cars is another very great car spotter, possibly the best in Portugal! He’s actually the guy that took the picture on the front page of my magazine. A stunning photographer with a big heart for cars and people around him! Falcao has helped me with pictures, and exposure on the social media, providing me with content for free when I had no money at all. These types of gestures and kindness is what makes this whole project possible. Thank you for that!

I was actually thinking about visiting Portugal and see what kind of special cars they have down there. But due to Corona-virus, these plans have sadly been sat on hold for now. This is no hinder to get an experience of what they have to offer through Falcaos great Instagram page. If you want to check out more of Falcaos work you can visit his cool Instagram account. Here you will find all of his great posts and you can easily use hours in there.


I’ve tried to pick what I think is one of he’s recently best pictures, but it was so hard. He might disagree and share an even better picture, I know he has some special ones ready for us in his arsenal.

(Car spotting at It’s very best! Also Falcaos best picture so far).


Another fantastic person and influencer in the development of my car magazine is the great Dutch, Lordautojunk! He gave so many great pictures to me. I really appreciate that! I have used many of them my articles so far. Most of my work could not be done without you massive help! Thank you so much Kuifje. You been a big help and reached out to me when I was in need of pictures for my articles about cars.

Kuifje has provided pictures for articles as and much more:

I have tried to use these magnificent pictures in the best possible way, and I think the end product Is fantastic. If you want to see some of his great work you can visit his Instagram profile.


He has to be one of the best car spotters out there and a true joy to the community. He has a big understanding of getting the right shot with the right details etc. It Is a pleasure to watch and I really like the work! I have tried to pick his very best shot out of the many. It was so hard, but I think I will go with this one.

(Attention to detail is stunning! A proper car spot from, Lordautojunk).

 Look at the attention to details in this stunning picture. I guess It Is a shot through the engine bay of the mighty Lamborghini Murcielago SV. A great Dutchman that gives us some of the best car spots to date. Keep up the great work, you rock!


Lars Madsen, Author.

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