Always been a car guy – A little story from my life.

What is it like to be a car enthusiast? Some of you might know it very well, but there are also somebody that isn’t quite familiar with it. In this story I will try to give an personal insight on how a life full of cars have shaped me as a person and why it is the world’s best lifestyle. If you have followed me for some time now and maybe read some of my previous stories, you already know why I like cars so much. There’s the time I used to work at Ferrari, the story about my Ford and much more.

These stories are only a small glimpse of what lies beneath my lifelong passion and interest in cars. If you haven’t read them and would like to, there is a link below. A big thanks has to be given to the classic cars journal and all the crew behind the scenes. This is for letting me spread my words and thoughts about cars, to unarguably the best community in the entire world. Thank you so much!

A youthful – and European – perspective on cars and driving

Working for Ferrari at the age of 18: A young guys dream?

How do I see myself?

I would categories myself as a hardcore car enthusiast with roots all the way back to my childhood. Playing with small toy cars all the time, which was pretty much the only thing I would do other than building treehouses or run about chap. I did not only love looking at cars, I also loved playing with them. You can see some of the cars I used to play with when I was a little guy. Now I have them in display at my small apartment because of all the memories, but also because I think they are cool. Cars from my childhood will never run out of fashion.

(Some of my cars lined up for a photo).

Interest In cars has always been a part of me.

Throughout my whole life I’ve been a car guy. When I was a very little guy I was so obsessed with cars that my pedagogues in kindergarten once asked me If I knew the different car brands on the parking lot outside. I named all of the cars and they was so amazed they told my parents right away, when they came to pick me up. Of course my dad already knew because he used most of his free time playing with cars, together with me.

I still love guessing cars and tell people about different cars, why they are special and what is so characteristic about them. I guess this passion or nerdy behaviour as it might be followed me all the way from a little guy to where I am today. I couldn’t be happier about that. It’s like being a magician with cars, except I do make mistakes sometimes. I love chatting with people about cars in general and that goes with both car enthusiasts as well as people that just see cars as a way of transportation. Everybody has a different take on cars and that is what makes it truly exciting.

(Ferrari row with a slightly used F50 in the front).

I Made a blog about cars.

All this Joy for cars got me the idea for making a website about cars and everything in between. In a life full of cars, I wanted to share some of my experiences with more than just friends and family. I made this website almost a year ago now. I can really feel a great feedback from all types of readers. Both from the passionate car guys and girls, to people that have lived a whole life not owning a single car. The reactions from everyone, gives me so much energy to continue every day. Thank you so much for that, I will keep writing. I can promise you that.

University and a future with cars?

Now that I study at the University, there is unfortunately a lot more work to do and a lot less time for cars. It is no longer acceptable to sit and look at cars for an entire day. But there is always room for the passion and excitement cars give. Since I have only one year left of University before graduating from my masters In Strategy & Organization or said in a language everybody can understand, a master’s in business, I get more and more the feeling that I want to work with cars again. This time on a more passionate level.

(A model car of my dream Porsche. The 911 GT3 RS).

It doesn’t matter whether if It’s with sale, racing or writing about them. I just want to work with cars. I feel it comes from the inside and it pushes me more and more in that direction. Racing might take some more time since I haven’t done so much of that, except a little karting. Yet again, there is no one that can predict the future so I’ve still have to see what it has in store for me. But I’m looking forward to it and believe it will be very positive no matter what happens.

It’s a lifestyle.

Being a dedicated car guy is undoubtably a choice of lifestyle. A good one I would say. Best on in fact. If I’m not talking about cars, I dream about them. Cars is always a big part of my everyday life. I drive around In a Ford Fiesta currently. A small great car that always bring a smile on my face. Sometimes when I have spare time I can find myself making a list about dream cars I one day want to own. I think of cars as a form of art and for somebody that might not be as interested in cars as I am, it might sound totally crazy. But I believe that cars has so much to offer. They unite people, spread joy to everybody involved and brings out emotions we wouldn’t even believe existed. Men experience this especially powerful. You know what I mean, those who drive and live for it.

(Another photo of my model Porsche 911 GT3 RS).

When Ferrari win at Monza F1 Grand Prix and Ferrari Fans (The Tifosi) is released to celebrate from the grand stands, is a great example on just how great cars can be at uniting us as people. That is why I love cars and everything it has to offer so much. So a big thanks has to go to the Inventors and all the other Passionate people out there, that gave us the magnificent and great automobile to live and breathe for.

I’m looking so much forward to a future full of cars, with more and more people being able to share the passion and maybe even get to drive the car of their dreams. If you didn’t know me before this article, you hopefully do now. I am just happy young car enthusiast that want to be surrounded by the best thing in the world. Cars.


Lars Madsen, Author.

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