Gapless Investment – Future of car investing?

Almost ever since the end of the financial crisis back in 2009 – 2010, cars have proven to be one of the best investments you can think of. It is no wonder many people want jump on this popular wagon and start investing. However there is one major problem. Money. Most people don’t have the money to start investing in cars. It requires both money, time and storage space to get going and therefore it can be quiet intimidating for most people. Luckily there is a solution for this. It’s called gapless investment and it is exactly what we are going to talk about today.

What is Gapless Investment?

What is this so called Gapless investment? It is a brand new concept we’ve never seen before! It is the newest, most innovating, most technological advanced alternative to the traditional method of investing in cars. It tries to revolutionizes the whole industry of investing, making it possible for everybody to have a share in a very expensive or rare car. Maybe even a car you dreamt of as a kid owning one day. It makes your wildest dreams come true. You can start today by a press of a button.


This Gapless investment concept has a lot of potential. The fact that the price and investing in cars have raised so much over the last couple of decades, have really gained the investors’ attention. Not only the traditional Investors that have always invested in cars, but also new investors from other parts of the investment world. Some cars have already proven to be a good investment and seen a huge increase in prices in the last couple of years and decades. For instance the very rare and super exotic Ferrari La Ferrari which I’m also talking about in one of my previous articles on the blog. But also cars as the Mercedes SL300 gullwing and Toyota Supra MKIV etc.

Trends and the future of car Investment

We are looking towards a very exciting time for the general car market indeed. The electric car market is booming as well as classic cars becoming more and more valuable. Will it continue this way or will hydrogen prove us all wrong and how will all this affect the investment and valuation of classic and upcoming super classic cars? Only time can tell but gapless investment doesn’t seem to be affected negatively from this right now. Making it possible for everybody to invest in cars is great for the market speculation and help raise the interest for classic cars remarkably. Thanks for that!

Gapless app

One of the companies that have made gapless investment possible is funny enough a company called Gapless. They operate using a very simple app where you can add a specific car and then build your own desired portfolio. That can be done on behalf of what you think could be the best possible investment. You can have an unlimited amount of cars in your portfolio so if you want many more cars than it’s possible to park in your own garage, that can be done as well. You can keep track on all of the things on the car you have invested in which gives some sort of security. Further information about gapless can be found on their internet homepage.

To predict whether this is the future is hard to tell but it sure is an interesting perspective to car investing. It is exciting to follow this project, whether you are an investor or just watching from the sideline. Price and future valuation really depends on supply and demand and the natural way of classic cars is also affected by this phenomena.

Have the market changed?

There is no doubt the market of cars have seen a major change in the last couple of decades with more interest from investors and general car enthusiasts all around the world in many different exciting cars, stretching from Morgan 3-wheelers to old rare Rolls Royce’s and first generation AMG’s as the Mercedes AMG Hammer from 1991 and so forth.

The market looks very promising indeed. Although I can only talk for the cause of investing in cars as soon as you get the opportunity. That is what Im here for after all. Whether you want to invest using the Gapless sharing tool or do it yourself is your own personal choice. You can build up your personal and drivable car portfolio or just speculate in one car. Everything is possible in times like these. I guess It’s only the fantasy sets the limit of what is possible. I’m very interested in your story, if you have one you want to share.

How will it evolve?

I will definitely try to cover this aspect much more when analyzing the investment perspective on the future articles on the blog. I will make sure to see if the possibility of making Gapless investments is a better choice for the specific car, than going to purchase it and vice versa. Of course only time can tell what the car world will look like. But I’m very positive when it comes down to the investment perspective, so should you be as well. Go invest today. It’s never too late. It doesn’t matter whether it is in the Gapless or traditional method. Both methods have pros and cons and the fact that there is more methods indicates that there is a clear awareness of the opportunities of the car investing market.


Lars Madsen, Author.

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