Introduction to the Blog.

This is the first article on my blog about cars & investing in them. Hopefully you will read my stuff and find it useful in someway so you might end up buying one of these older pretty machines and keep the story going!

Im personally studying at the Southern Danish university in odense “Buisness and leadership”. The point of this project and site is to share my knowledge on investment in cars as an alternatives to other investing forms. But listen to your own body before doing anything radical. My interest for cars began all the way back, since i was a little kid. I new i always wanted to do something with cars and now, here i am writing about them and thinking about how many nice cars out there that could be fun to invest in and how much joy they bring to you as an individual.

There will be uploaded an article one time a month where i will talk a little bit about the car, and give my thoughts on the future prospects on the investment part of if it. I will rate it on a scale form 1-5 starts on different subejctive parameters in order to let you know what i think. You will be able to comment on my article along with fellow car interested people, and hopefully we can end up buying some cars and preserve the wonderful masterpieces of cars out there and enjoy them fully.

Lars Madsen, Creator.

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